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Outland’s products are intended for people trained and experienced in their use, inspection and maintenance. Absolutely no sales to people under the age of 18. Any person purchasing an Outland product is responsible for seeking proper training in its use and assumes all risk for any injury or damage sustained during its use. All safety precautions should be taken during every use, such as the wearing of proper eye and hand protection. Failure to follow these warnings increases the risk of injury and death.

As a purchaser of an Outland product, you are responsible for complying with local, state, federal and international laws with respect to its use. You are bound to act in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with all of the following:

1. You verify that you are 18 years of age or older.
2. You must ensure that public safety is paramount at all times when in possession of any Outland tool.
3. Comply with local, state, federal and international laws.
4. Take all reasonable precautions to ensure your tool is kept safely, is not lost or stolen, does not come into the possession of an unauthorized person.
5. Ensure that your tool is only used for activities connected with lawful activities.