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Multi-Mission Axe Modular Sheath

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A versatile sheath for Outland's Multi-Mission Axes with mounting points for endless customization and integration options. This page is for ordering the sheath only.
Part Number: OUT006
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This is the same Modular Sheath that comes kitted with the Multi-Mission Axe, but offered as a stand alone in case you want an extra. This is the sheath only and does not include accessories for mounting to a belt or PALS gear, which are available separately.

The Modular Sheath is a rugged companion to Outland's Multi-Mission Axe that guards the chopping edge and provides features for a variety of transport and storage methods. The axe is held securely by internal features that engage the axe and two 3/4 inch urethane coated nylon webbing straps. The sheath is injection molded glass filled Nylon.

Each user's transport and storage needs are unique, so Outland designed the Modular Sheath to have a variety of attachment options. Webbing slots on the top edge can be used to hang the sheath from a sling or harness, or for lashing to gear. The holes on both sides are in a standard 3/4 inch grid, making the sheath compatible with accessories such as Blade-Tech's MOLLE-LOK™ or TEK-LOK™. The holes can also be used as bolt holes for securing the sheath to a vehicle or wall.